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So, What's Web Directory Index About?

Hi! I'm Jason, an ASP.Net Web Development Consultant, and I've created this web app to help you:

  • Research relevant web directories
  • Easily keep tabs on all of your directory submissions

Web Directory Index Features

  • Free to use!
  • Keep track of an unlimited number of submissions

Why the heck should you create an account, anyway?

Take a Peek Inside

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Easily Get an Overview of Your Submission Status

All of your submissions are displayed, clearly indicating each submission's status, as well as a link to the subdirectory to which your listing was submitted.

Your submissions are grouped by the submission URL.

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Quickly Review Submission Details & Notes

You're just 2 taps away from viewing more details about the submission itself, and any notes you've made. Yep, you can make notes on your submissions too!

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How Do I Manage a Submission?

It's really easy. First, you have to create an account. Then log into your account.

Find the Best Directory for Your Website

Next, navigate to the home page, find the directory to which you want to submit your website, and select Submit.

Enter Some Quick Details

Enter the details for your listing. This also gives you an opportunity to make notes — great to remind you; to follow up on your submissions, emails with the directory staff, etc.

You're Done Already!

Select Create, and your listing details are ready and waiting for the next step in your submission process.

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